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the bullet journal method

Forget the craft elements you may have seen on Pinterest: this customizable, analog way of making a calendar/planner can be a huge help for folks with an endless to-do list of any stripe. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or just trying to make more time for a hobby, this approach can be incredibly useful for managing your time. You can create it in any notebook you want and once I figured out what works best for me, I was much more productive and in control of my schedule. The guide is FREE on their website, so all you need is a notebook. 

best self journal

Another thing that really changed my thinking, and stress levels, was the structure of the Best Self Journal. I was given one as a gift and it’s what I used as the basis for my Bullet Journal structure (more on that here, if you missed the newsletter where I talked about that). If you want something you can hold in your hand to get started, I honestly think it’s a great purchase BUT you can also just check out this page and scroll to where they let you see inside so you can make one yourself. 

The daily spread presents a schedule you can fill in, plus things like what you’re grateful for, your three main goals that day, and the larger things you’re trying to accomplish so you can keep it in perspective. It helps you see what time you *actually* have to work on things. This concept of tiny babysteps, and keeping my goals in focus, really helped me manage stress and anxiety while actually getting things done. Anything to stop being overwhelmed!


How to escape panic mode and embrace your life-expanding projects by jessica abel

One thing I bookmarked immediately was this blog post by artist and comic creator Jessica Abel about reeling in the chaos and making time for the projects that matter to you. She calls this Paying Yourself First. It’s a very helpful way of prioritizing things and realizing that (sometimes) busy is a choice. If nothing else, I’d suggest scrolling down to the Eisenhower Decision Matrix for a great way to start putting things into perspective. 

how to not always be working by marlee grace

Around the same time I started keeping a bullet journal, I went to one of her workshops of the same title and it was a breath of fresh air. Marlee is an artist, writer, and awesome creative advisor whose zines, newsletter and just work in general are things I’m always keeping an eye on. 

As someone who has definitely been a workaholic, setting boundaries and making time for myself is critical. Being intentional about personal time can have a huge impact on mental health, stress levels, etc. Her approach to creative work is always encouraging and realistic - especially for those of us coming from the world of DIY. 

...this book is full of wisdom and resilience, with plenty of discussion about ritual and routine as ways to create effective and positive creative life change.

Danielle Krystal (the jealous curator) interviewed on Being Boss

I remember being really struck by this conversation on the Being Boss podcast with Danielle Krystal, the lady behind The Jealous Curator. It’s easy to feel like if you were “actually successful” whatever the hell that even means, you wouldn’t have to promote your own work. That trying to tell people to come to your event or look at your new t-shirts is somehow a mark of being an amateur (again, whatever that even means). This conversation conquers a lot about doubt and self-worth that is well worth a listen, especially for creative folks.

Seth Godin interviewed by Marie Forleo (video)

Recently Marie Forleo interviewed marketer Seth Godin and I think he has a lot of really useful things to say about marketing yourself or your business in a genuine way that separates this stuff from the advertising world. I think this is useful whether you’re knitting scarves or doing community organizing. 

improving your web presence

5 Ways You’re Losing People On Your Website (Rising Tide Society)

This website has a ton of guides and resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs but can also be helpful for creative folks too

Are You Making These 7 Mistakes With Your About Page? (Copyblogger)

I consider myself a decent writer, so I hadn’t given much thought to “copywriting” on my website, but this article in particular makes a lot of good points. 

3 Branding Strategies From A Company That Doesn’t Give AF (Marie Forleo)

Ok, I love Marie Forleo, no matter how cheesy she gets, it always brightens my day. This video is more about the branding/marketing side of things but the way she talks about presenting yourself and your projects to the world is refreshing. 

Interviews at the Creative Independent

On listening to your inner voice

Visual artist Marilyn Minter discusses the evolution of her creative practice, surviving in the art world, and how sobriety allowed her to finally trust her own instincts. 

On reconfiguring what success means

Musician Jill Sobule discusses how to navigate the peaks and valleys of a long career and the importance of periodically reconsidering your personal notion of success.

On taking time to figure out your path

Filmmaker Marina Katz on the skills involved in film editing, what documentaries can tell us about being human, and why it’s OK to embody more than one creative identity. 

Task/Project Management Apps

Honestly, the spreadsheet nerd in me really likes Airtable

Whether you already have spreadsheets set up for yourself or want a better way to keep track of things, Airtable lets you easily create spreadsheets that also work as databases, so you can connect the dots across documents. The color coding just LOOKS NICE and they provide lots of templates for various projects, so you can get ideas and get started faster. I love diving into this and creating customized ones, if you ever want some tips. I just use the free version but the paid level looks a-ma-zing. 

Asana is great for complex task management

Are you working on a bunch of things at once? Have you broken down your project into a ton of small steps yet? Asana is a free tool that lets you organize your tasks (and sub-tasks!) into projects, calendars, etc. It will even send you reminders. Their mobile app is great too. 

Todoist wrangles your to-do list

This is a more straight-forward to-do list app but you can do anything from make one long list, to organizing things by project or type, and set recurring reminders (like, when that Autopay is scheduled). You can sync it to your phone too, so you have it wherever you go. I used this for a long time before I dove into having a Bullet Journal. 


Strategic Planning Guides For Small Businesses

Rising Tide Society has published a great downloadable worksheet as well as a list of articles on planning your business and setting the right goals. It's an opt-in deal where you have to give your email, but everything is free. 

Against grit: Why setting the bar low is the key to making real change in your life

Jessica Abel just posted this new article for all you creative folks who are looking to form new / better creative habits in the new year. 

Setting Goals: Use This 2-Step Process to Achieve More With Less Stress

Alright, another Marie Forleo video that's both inspiring and a bit silly. She clearly plots out some ways to lay all your cards on the table and sort out some goals for yourself, both large and small.

You’re working hard. But are you heading towards the right life goals?

Jessica Abel has a lot of great advice to help focus your work or your projects or your goals in ways that make things less overwhelming. This is a great read, but you can also go on a deep dive through her site. 

Decision Making: 4 Simple Tests to Help You Make The Right Decision, Every Time

Another Marie Forleo jam, she talks about getting out of your comfort zone, trusting your gut, and making more confident decisions. If you haven't watched her videos yet, I suggest you embrace your inner cheese-ball and let her cheer you up sometimes. 

Goal templates from Best Self

If you've figured out a WHY, then maybe plotting out some long term steps would be helpful. These templates from Best Self can point you in the right direction on some pretty specific paths. You have to give them your email but they don't bombard your inbox. 


*none of these links are to Amazon. If you're able, please try to purchase from your local bookstore or other online vendor*

Lose Well by Chris Gethard
How to Not Always be Working by Marlee Grace
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland
The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll
Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs by Grace Bonney

Start fresh with a journal by Leuchtturm 1917
I schedule everything in one of these and I love them. Moleskine also makes great, similar notebooks. 

Maybe start a free trial at Skillshare or Lynda to learn something new or brush up on a skill!

A pouch to organize all your things from MochiThings
I want one of these SO BADLY. Everything on their site is useful and often adorable. Any other organizers you're into? 

A new bag from Vaya Bags
Handmade, vegan messenger bags and backpacks. Also wallets, which reminds me that I really need a new one!