Is it hoodie weather yet?

If you’ve given me your mailing address your postcards are going out Monday! I was going to send them today but my local post office didn't have enough postcard stamps.::facepalm::

At the end of September I’m moving out of my studio to go on tour in Europe for a couple months with my band Worriers. It’s exciting, but I’ll be spending September painting as much as I can, as large as I can. Then I’ll be limited to things that fit in my lap or on my iPad. 

I won’t be accepting any commissions for original artwork while we’re on the road so if you’ve been wanting me to work on something you can hold in your hands, please get in touch! I’ll still be doing digital illustration and design but I’m not bringing my usual art supplies on the plane so ::shrugs!::

I’ve amassed a large pile of drawings and paintings this summer, which feels great. If you have an art space or group show or THING where I could share some of them, I’d love to do more of that. I'm a part of a group show happening in Philly in October but more on that later! 

Here are a few of my favorite things this summer:


This dark-pop song “I Know A Place” by Muna 
Not only is it incredibly catchy but I found out it’s also a bit of a queer anthem. Dance around your room, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time!


The creative practice and advising of Marlee Grace
From her book "How to Not Always Be Working" to the art that she makes to her creative advising (that I found super helpful!) getting her newsletter every week is a highlight for me. Just passing along the wonderful creative vibes! 


The newsletter Salty 
A newsletter on dating, sex and relationships for women, trans and non-binary folks. Looking forward to seeing where this new project goes.

If you're on instagram, I've started using the hashtag #somanyfuckingplants whenever I draw something that references a plant, which is kinda a lot. 

Alright, back to work. Enjoy the rest of the summer! 

Giant Robot Plants Show

Real quick, I'd like to start sending postcards and other little things to folks who like getting these emails from me. Snail mail! 

If you want to let me know your address, click here to add it

Also, THIS SATURDAY, one of my drawings is in a group show that's opening at Giant Robot Store in Los Angeles. I've been a fan of GR for a long time and feel excited to be included in this amazing group of artists and illustrators. The opening starts at 6:30pm and runs through September 15 at 2015 Sawtelle Blvd West. This is running concurrently with their big 15-year anniversary show at their gallery across the street. 

I'd like to share more things via these emails, like more things in progress, other artists I'm excited about or things my friends are up to. I know a lot of you also found out about my artwork via my band Worriers and I'm considering combining content a bit to bridge both art and music. Stay tuned for all of that but I really appreciate feedback if there's anything you're specifically interested in knowing, seeing, etc. 

As per usual, you can see more about what I'm working on over at my instagram. I'm available for commissions and custom work through September. Thanks folks! 


Summer Update

It's been a while, huh? Apologies for my radio silence but a lot has been happening, including some traveling with my band, but I'm back home in Philadelphia now and want to share some things!

I participated in the group exhibition To The Front, in Nashville in June and will be a part of its next iteration this fall in another east coast city. More info on that soon! I'll also be a part of a group exhibition in Los Angeles next month, so stay tuned for details on that. It's so thematically perfect you'll probably laugh. 

New postcard pack!
If you've been enjoying the plant drawings on my instagram, they're now available as three postcards for $5. They flew off of our merch table on tour, and are a limited edition of 125. You can still grab them on my webstore! 

Summer Goals
I put out a call earlier this year to all the queers and ladies out there (basically just...not men) to help me with my portrait series and I took a ton of reference photos this spring. This summer it's my goal to finish a whole ton of paintings of my queer, trans, feminist buddies, along with making a brand new illustration portfolio. I hope to have more things to show you soon, but for now please enjoy the drawing of Lorde below and know that if you want me to draw a thing for you, I very much want to do that. 

15% Off My Webstore
Through July 18 you can get 15% off anything in my webstore (except the postcards cause c'mon) with the code SUMMEZONE. That includes even original art! Since you're on the mailing list, you're the first one to know, and I'm not going to tell the rest of the internet for another couple days. If you want to forward this to a friend though, go for it!

I also recently created artwork for the record cover for a wonderful band that I'm excited to unveil soon. It was my first time trying to have a true painting setup ON TOUR worked! I'll let y'all know as soon as that's out in the world. 

As per usual, you can see more about what I'm working on over at my instagram. Thanks folks! 

Big shop update!

I've recently added a number of original drawings to my webstore along with a limited number of my artist zine series, Ways Out. I'll be taking orders through early April, when I'll be traveling for a bit.

Despite not being able to fulfill physical orders while on the road, I'll still be available for illustration commissions during that time. 

I'm excited to make a lot of these items available again. 

Small commissions between now and Sunday!

I have a larger commission coming up (woo!) so I won't have time to do the daily drawings I've been posting on instagram for a while. If you've wanted to pick one up but haven't been able to, I'm taking special orders between now and Sunday.

Get in touch and either let me know what you have in mind (certain imagery? a portrait of someone? favorite colors?) or leave it a surprise, and I'll make a 7" x 5" drawing for you. They'll be sent out by the end of January. $25 including shipping in the US. International shipping available for an additional fee. 

I have time to do just a few more. Thanks for all the support! 


Drawing challenge December

Now that I'm home for a while I made a little challenge for myself to keep up a practice of smaller drawings every day. I'll be putting one up for sale every day on my Instagram account. First person to email me their paypal/venmo info and address gets the drawing. I've put up two so far and will have another up later today!


April update

I'm happy to present this newly designed site, which is hopefully more representative of my work and projects, including Worriers and commissioned illustration. I'll be posting updates on any new work and events here. I'll be announcing a show of new artwork very soon!

Worriers recently joined John K Samson & The Winter Wheat on four shows on the east coast. You can see some photos from the show at Bowery Ballroom here. It was a true honor.

 photo by Amanda Hatfield

photo by Amanda Hatfield