Giant Robot Plants Show

Real quick, I'd like to start sending postcards and other little things to folks who like getting these emails from me. Snail mail! 

If you want to let me know your address, click here to add it

Also, THIS SATURDAY, one of my drawings is in a group show that's opening at Giant Robot Store in Los Angeles. I've been a fan of GR for a long time and feel excited to be included in this amazing group of artists and illustrators. The opening starts at 6:30pm and runs through September 15 at 2015 Sawtelle Blvd West. This is running concurrently with their big 15-year anniversary show at their gallery across the street. 

I'd like to share more things via these emails, like more things in progress, other artists I'm excited about or things my friends are up to. I know a lot of you also found out about my artwork via my band Worriers and I'm considering combining content a bit to bridge both art and music. Stay tuned for all of that but I really appreciate feedback if there's anything you're specifically interested in knowing, seeing, etc. 

As per usual, you can see more about what I'm working on over at my instagram. I'm available for commissions and custom work through September. Thanks folks!