Summer Update

It's been a while, huh? Apologies for my radio silence but a lot has been happening, including some traveling with my band, but I'm back home in Philadelphia now and want to share some things!

I participated in the group exhibition To The Front, in Nashville in June and will be a part of its next iteration this fall in another east coast city. More info on that soon! I'll also be a part of a group exhibition in Los Angeles next month, so stay tuned for details on that. It's so thematically perfect you'll probably laugh. 

New postcard pack!
If you've been enjoying the plant drawings on my instagram, they're now available as three postcards for $5. They flew off of our merch table on tour, and are a limited edition of 125. You can still grab them on my webstore! 

Summer Goals
I put out a call earlier this year to all the queers and ladies out there (basically just...not men) to help me with my portrait series and I took a ton of reference photos this spring. This summer it's my goal to finish a whole ton of paintings of my queer, trans, feminist buddies, along with making a brand new illustration portfolio. I hope to have more things to show you soon, but for now please enjoy the drawing of Lorde below and know that if you want me to draw a thing for you, I very much want to do that. 

15% Off My Webstore
Through July 18 you can get 15% off anything in my webstore (except the postcards cause c'mon) with the code SUMMEZONE. That includes even original art! Since you're on the mailing list, you're the first one to know, and I'm not going to tell the rest of the internet for another couple days. If you want to forward this to a friend though, go for it!

I also recently created artwork for the record cover for a wonderful band that I'm excited to unveil soon. It was my first time trying to have a true painting setup ON TOUR worked! I'll let y'all know as soon as that's out in the world. 

As per usual, you can see more about what I'm working on over at my instagram. Thanks folks!