I want to help women and members of the LGBTQIA community get set up to do awesome things. Regardless of your access to technology, finances, or specialized education, you deserve a life that reflects your ideas and hard work.

Whether you’re working on your business full-time, thinking about starting a side hustle, or just want to spend more of your time on a personal project, these sessions can help you plan your next steps and figure it out.

A lot of us have learned how to do things we’re passionate about but aren’t sure how to turn that into a sustainable project or even a career. Not everyone is naturally great at managing their time, making a budget, or writing emails to potential clients. You might be an amazing chef, but it takes a lot more than cooking skills to run a restaurant.

Here are the types of things I can offer:

  • Project strategy and task mapping to actively get you on the path from Point A to Point B

  • Personalized ways of managing your schedule and time to refocus on your priorities and goals

  • Social media strategy that can be your own, decrease your screen time, and not feel gross

  • Systems for long-term project management and organization

  • Step by step ways to digitally keep track of your creative work

  • Customized spreadsheets and other tools to organize things like products/merch, project tasks, launch timelines, budgets and more.

This is totally for you if:

  • You’re always busy and want to find ways to come up for air

  • You have an idea for a side hustle but are too overwhelmed by the process to even start

  • You love what you do but feel stalled

  • You’re good at winging it but need an actual plan

  • You need social media for your project but want to get away from your screen

  • You have a full-time job and want to find time to pursue other things

This is probably not for you if:

  • You’re not willing to modify your daily routine at all

  • You’re looking for a business coach or legal/financial help

  • You’re a straight cis man (sorry guys, love y’all, but there are lots of other folks that can help you)

or just schedule a session:

a 90-minute call + 1 customized spreadsheet or calendar method based on our conversation

Sliding scale $125-175


All of the above plus an additional 90-minute check-in session

After two weeks to a month, we can talk again to go over how things are working and what could be going better, along with next steps.
Sliding scale $300-375


The price you pay on the sliding scale is totally up to you, no explanation necessary. I trust you to pay whatever your means allow.

If these things still seem out of your price range, I’m committed to finding affordable ways that we can work together and that I can still help. Please get in touch and I’ll see what we can do!


Ongoing project management

If you’re at a point where you want to hire someone on an ongoing basis to oversee a project and keep things organized for you, we should talk! I’m available for part-time project management, focusing on creative, product-based and/or social justice related projects.

Did you know I also have a newsletter for all of this, if you’re looking for more resources and advice for your project?